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Tim Allen
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Birth Name: Tim Allen Dick
Birthdate: June 13, 1953
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Occupations: Actor, Writer, Comedian, Producer
Quote: In reference to the title of his book Don't Stand Too Close To a Naked Man, Allen said it refers to his prison stay. "When one is walking into jail for the first time while fellow cons whistle and holler, 'Hey, chicken, you're in my cell,' the title's injunction can be taken as sound advice." - Entertainment Weekly, November 18, 1994
Tim Allen Photo

Claim to Fame: Headlined his first TV comedy special, Men Are Pigs, on Showtime cable network (1990)

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Laura Allen (née Deibel), landscape designer; met in college; married 1984; she filed for legal separation November 1999

Father: Gerald Dick, real-estate salesman; killed in a collision with a drunk driver while driving family home from a University of Colorado football game when Allen was 11 years old
Mother: Martha Dick (aka Marty Dick), community-service worker; remarried high-school sweetheart two years after Allen's father's death
Stepfather: Episcopalian deacon
Brothers: has six
Siblings has two others
Daughter: Kady; born 1990

This long-faced "average Joe" American comic would seem an unlikely candidate to become one of the leading forces in comedy in the 1990s, but his unassuming ABC family sitcom "Home Improvement" rose above the ashes of the fallen shows of the 1991-92 season to become one of TV's most popular shows. The premise of the Disney-produced series grew out of Allen's standup comedy act--a celebration and mild critique of man's obsession with machismo, power tools and impressing women. His likable if fairly traditional verbal humor was complemented and sometimes exceeded by an affinity for broad physical comedy, a combination that helped single him out from most other contemporary comedian-actors.

Who is Cletis Tout? (2002)
Laughing Out Loud, Vol. 1 (2001)
Big Trouble (2001)
Joe Somebody (2001)
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins (2000)
NBA: Live 2001 - The Music Videos (2000)
Toy Story 2 (1999)
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)
For Richer or Poorer (1997)
Toy Story (1995)
Tim Allen: Rewires America (1995)
What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? (1995)
The Santa Clause (1994)
Tim Allen: Men are Pigs (1990)
Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen (1989)
Tropical Snow (1988)

1989: American Comedy: Best Male Comic
1991: CableACE: Best Performer in a Comedy Special, Just for Laughs Festival; a Showtime special
1994: Golden Globe: Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Home Improvement
1996: People's Choice: Favorite Male Television Performer
1997: People's Choice: Favorite Male Television Performer
1998: People's Choice: Favorite Male Performer in a TV Series, Home Improvement
1999: People's Choice: Favorite Male Performer in a TV Series

Allen received a $66,000 Porsche from Disney in appreciation of the large box-office opening of The Santa Clause

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan (B.A., Television Production)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; majored in acting

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