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Vince Vaughn
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Birth Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn
Birthdate: March 28, 1970
Birthplace: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Occupations: Actor, Writer, Producer
Quote: "I'm just a kid who wanted to be part of the game and make movies. I was out here in Los Angeles seven years and you forget the time you struggled and when people said 'no' and you couldn't get an agent. I hadn't worked for a year-and-a-half [before being cast in Swingers]" --The New York Post, October 14, 1996
Vince Vaughn Photo

Claim to Fame: 1996: The arrogant but smooth-operating Trent in Swingers

Significant Other(s):
Joey Lauren Adams, actress

Father: Vernon Vaughn, salesman; divorced in 1991
Mother: Sharon Vaughn, real-estate agent, stockbroker; divorced in 1991
Sister: Victoria; older
Sister: Valerie; older

As the smooth, sexy retro-hipster Trent in Doug Liman's "Swingers" (1996), Vince Vaughn delivered a star-making turn that caught the attention of audiences and industry professionals. Based on his delightfully comic performance, he landed leading roles as a drifter opposite Kate Capshaw and Ashley Judd in James Patrick Kelley's directorial debut "Locusts" and as a nature photographer alongside Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore in Steven Spielberg's "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (both 1997).

The tall, dark-haired Vaughn was born in Minneapolis but raised in the Chicago area. Eschewing college and abandoning an athletic career due to injury, he turned to acting, landing his first screen role as a teammate of Sean Astin's "Rudy" (1993), in David Anspaugh's biopic of the diminutive Notre Dame football player. On the set, Vaughn met Jon Favreau, who later wrote a script based on their experiences prowling the L.A. nightlife that eventually became "Swingers". Favreau had the leading role of Mike, depressed over his career and love life, but Vaughn as his slick friend and mentor who speaks in slang ("You're money, baby!") stole the film.

Now an established player, Vaughn went on to a series of roles in 1998 that utilized his good looks and his seductive screen presence: the conscience-stricken limo driver who is pressed to help a friend imprisoned in Malayasia in "Return to Paradise", a serial killer in "Clay Pigeons" and Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant's unneccesary remake of "Psycho".

Met Swingers costar Jon Favreau while working on his big-screen debut, Rudy

Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, I.

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