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Hillary Clinton Told People to Google Donald Trump Iraq. They Did.  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Brutal Assault on ‪‎Erie‬ Resident Montrice Bolden By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Delivers a Statement in Orlando  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Women React To Real Life Experiment On Transgender Bathroom Debate  

Joey Salads By : Staff Reporting

Did political donation stop Florida Trump U. investigation?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Florida attorney general is denying that a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump is in any way connected to her office's decision not to pursue action against Trump University, her spokesman said. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Footage By Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer Showing A Massive Tornado  

AccuWeather By : Staff Reporting

Watch this incredible footage by extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer showing a massive tornado swirling south of Dodge City, Kansas on May 24.

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Put Electronics Inside Your Body  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Medical gel may hold the key to our cyborg future. The biggest challenge to implanting complicated electronics within ourselves is our own immune system's tendency to reject foreign bodies. Xuanhe Zhao, a scientist at MIT, has developed a flexible and sticky plastic gel that will provide an interface between these two very incompatible materials.

100% of Urban Prep Academy students were admitted into a four year College or University.  

Warner Brothers By : Staff Reporting

Amazon Act To Help The Homeless In Seattle  

Amazon By : Staff Reporting

Barack Obama Kicks Off American Idol Finale with a Call for Voter Registration  

WHO News By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama kicked off American Idol‘s series finale in a video message to celebrate the show’s legacy and encourage more people to register to vote.

Hillary Clinton Told People to Goog... Brutal Assault on ‪‎Eri... President Obama Delivers a Statemen...
Women React To Real Life Experiment... Did political donation stop Florida... Footage By Extreme Meteorologist Re...
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