Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn: Massive Revaluation in Tech  

Bloomberg Business By : Staff Reporting

Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs's president and chief operating officer, discusses the state of the IPO market with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Markets."

Shift from growth multiple to a earnings and cash flow multiple is producing different evaluations in the tech industry.

It's a natural evolution that evolves over a longer period of time, but it's happening relatively quickly in some technology companies.

The market is clearly talking a pause to determine the longterm viability and the longterm wealth creation vehicle for shareholders.

Example: LinkedIn sheds $11 billion in value on stock's worst day since debut

Supreme Court blocks Obama climate change rules  

CNN By : Ariane de Vogue, Dan Berman and Kevin Liptak

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt President Barack Obama a blow by moving to temporarily block his administration's rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Reacting to a lawsuit from 29 states, as well as the energy industry, justices blocked the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan from going forward while the rule is challenged in court. - Referenced Article

Adding insult to injury: Flint issues boil-water advisory after water main break  

CNN By : Ed Payne and Tina Burnside

The folks in Flint, Michigan, just can't seem to get a break. Already using filters on their faucets to make their toxic water clean, they'll now have to boil it too.

Flint is under a boil-water advisory after a water main break on Tuesday. Water pressure went down and that may have allowed bacterial contaminants to enter the system. - Referenced Article

Flint Water Crisis: Dogs Getting Lead Poisoning, Too  


Two dogs in the Flint area have tested positive for lead poisoning, and officials are reminding pet owners that their animals shouldn't drink unfiltered tap water until it's deemed safe.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said they had no reports of lead toxicity in household pets in the last five years until Flint's water was contaminated — sickening an unknown number of children. - Referenced Article

Bill Clinton seeks one more New Hampshire comeback  

USA Today By : Heidi M Przybyla

Bernie Sanders’ best attack lines against Hillary Clinton focus on “unfair” trade deals like NAFTA, the end of Glass-Steagall Act anti-trust laws and the Defense of Marriage Act that opposed gay marriage.

What he doesn’t say: It’s her husband who owns these policies. - Referenced Article

Cam Newton vs Tom Brady By : Staff Reporting

I noticed Cam modeling his pocket presence and passing scheme after brady, but there's so much more that Cam brings than non athletic pocket passers can't bring to the table.

Cam emerged because of enormous God-given talent and pocket passers have been allowed to extend their reign because of Krafts insistent lobbying of [bad]ell to put ground sweeping rules in place to protect immobile QBs like brady. So Belichick is able to maintain a brilliant system with subpar no name athletes appearing good and only good athletes appearing like first ballot selection Hall of Famers.

Cam has the potential to be great like many quarterbacks who went to Canada because of the negative stereotypes placed on genuine athletic quarterbacks.

It's was nothing short of an affirmative action to keep a more marketable face in football. The average fan celebrates wins and stats in fantasy these days...authentic fans continue to question the deflated and farce changes of this game. Genuine athletes are emerging even after the damage from [bad]ell's era...the question is how will they alter this sport even more?

Record Number of People Exonerated in 2015  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

A record-breaking number of people were exonerated in 2015 — freed after serving time in American prisons for crimes they did not commit.

In all, 149 people spent an average of 15 years in prison before being cleared last year, according to a new report (.pdf) out Wednesday from the National Registry of Exonerations, a project at the University of Michigan Law School. - Referenced Article

Several Takeaways from the Iowa's Caucus By : Staff Reporting

Several takeaways from the Iowa's Caucus. The media didn't have a clue about the outcome of the race. The pollsters failed throughout thier reporting on this race. Cruz out smarted and even was a better dealmaker than the Donald himself in Iowa. Much should be said about how youths ignited Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa, unlike Howard Dean Senator Bernie Sanders has emerged a leading contender for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton's fight towards the very end closed the gap and staunched what would've been a significant lead by Bernie Sanders in Iowa. The days leading up to the First In The Nation, New Hampshire  Primary will be pivotal on assessing how much Democrats are feeling the Bern.

Cruz Beats Trump in Iowa; Clinton Edges Out Sanders in Historically-Close Caucus  


Sen. Ted Cruz bested billionaire Donald Trump to win Iowa's Republican caucuses Monday night as Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton eked out a victory in a historically-close race.

With just one precinct yet to declare, NBC News has declared Clinton the apparent winner based on a report from the Iowa Democratic Party showing her narrowly ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders. - Referenced Article

Amnesty: Dozens of juvenile offenders face death in Iran  

PMOI By : Staff Reporting

Dozens of people who were arrested in Iran for crimes committed before they turned 18 remain at risk of the death penalty despite recent reforms, with many having already spent years on death row, according to a report by Amnesty International released Tuesday.

The London-based group also found that Iran has executed at least 73 juvenile offenders between 2005 and 2015, including at least four last year. - Referenced Article

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