31-year-old #EricFrein could be aided by dense woods  

Boston Herald By : Staff Reporting

For a second night, authorities on Friday closed roads near a home where a suspect in the ambush killing of a Pennsylvania State Police trooper recently lived with his parents, and this time gunfire was reported in the area.

The shots were fired around 6:40 p.m. Friday, a Monroe County 911 dispatcher said. - Full Article

Militants in Yemen Seize State Offices, Force Premier to Resign  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

Shiite militants took over much of Yemen's capital on Sunday, prompting the prime minister's resignation and forcing a deal to form a new government.

The militants known as Houthis have been protesting outside government ministries in the capital San'a since August, complaining about rising fuel prices and demanding the government quicken the pace of political overhauls. - Full Article

The Rockefellers Are Pulling Their Charity Fund Out of Fossil Fuels  

Time By : Staff Reporting

The Rockefeller oil dynasty is set to divest its charity foundation from fossil fuels, the New York Times reports. The family, whose patriarch John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870, will put its Rockefeller Brothers Fund... Full Article

Obama Presses Leaders to Speed Ebola Response  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

President Obama on Tuesday challenged world powers to accelerate the global response to the Ebola outbreak that is ravaging West Africa, warning that unless health care workers, medical equipment and treatment centers were swiftly deployed, the disease could take hundreds of thousands of lives.

“This epidemic is going to get worse before it gets better..." - Full Article

Obama to Get Briefing on Military Plan against Islamic State  

VOA By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama is due to get a briefing Wednesday on "operational details" of a military campaign to combat Islamic State militants.

The president will meet with General Lloyd Austin, the head of U.S. Central Command, to discuss the ongoing effort to build an international coalition to meet his stated goal of degrading and destroying the Islamic State group that has taken over parts of Iraq and Syria. - Full Article

Obama to announce expanded plan to fight Ebola  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

President Obama on Tuesday will announce an expansion of a $763 million U.S. plan to help West Africa nations fight the spread of the Ebola virus, officials said Monday night.

Adding to an existing project, the project calls for more doctors and health care providers; more portable hospitals laboratories, and medical supplies; and increased training for first responders and other medical officials. - Full Article

Oscar Pistorius trial: Why culpable homicide, not murder  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

The state argued that Mr Pistorius had had an argument with Ms Steenkamp, after which he deliberately shot her dead.

The judge ruled this had not been proved, as there was only circumstantial evidence of an argument - uncorroborated witnesses' statements. - Full Article

Scott Brown Tries to Win Over Female Voters by Giving Them Plaques  

New York Magazine By : Margaret Hartmann

Former Massachusetts senator and current New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown has a problem: If he doesn't start attracting more female voters, he's going to become the first man to lose two Senate races to two women.

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, the state's former governor and current senator, has a 14-point lead among women, according to a recent poll, despite the fact that Brown can wear the heck out of a sweater. - Full Article

Law Enforcement Official Sent Copy of Ray Rice Tape to NFL Executive in April  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

If the AP Source is correct Roger Goodell should be fired for incompetence, but it won't come on the heels of Terry O'Neill demanding it. The issue of sweeping domestic violence under the rug predates Goodell by a long shot. There's too much hypocrisy at many many levels here

AP Source: Law enforcement official sent copy of Ray Rice tape to NFL executive in April.

Congress probes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Ray Rice case  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Twelve House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Democrats sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wednesday demanding "the highest level of transparency" concerning how the league investigated the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

Goodell made clear in interviews Tuesday night with USA TODAY Sports and CBS that he does not feel his job is in jeopardy. - Full Article

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