Tiger Woods to play Wyndham with hopes of making FedExCup playoffs  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

In an attempt to make the season-ending FedExCup playoffs, Tiger Woods is headed to Greensboro.

He announced last week he was considering playing in this week’s Wyndham Championship, and now it’s official. Tournament director Mark Brazil tweeted the news Monday morning: “Bam! Tiger is coming!” - Referenced Article

Chip Kelly: Handling of Riley Cooper in 2013 could be part of racism claims  


Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has weathered an offseason in which several former players have suggested race factoring into his personnel decisions. Most recently, cornerback Brandon Boykin texted to CSN-Philly that Kelly is "uncomfortable around grown men of our culture."

That was widely interpreted to mean African-Americans, in the wake of previous comments by former Eagles LeSean McCoy and Tra Thomas. - Referenced Article

Jerry Jones backs Roger Goodell in standoff with Robert Kraft, Pats  

ESPN By : Todd Archer

If New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was looking for a sympathetic ear in the Tom Brady saga, he is not getting one from Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Kraft on Wednesday was critical of Roger Goodell's decision to uphold Brady's four-game suspension for his role in the Deflategate scandal, saying he was wrong to put his faith in the league during the appeal process. - Referenced Article

Michael Jordan loses China trademark suit: report  

AFP By : Staff Reporting

A Beijing court has dismissed a trademark case brought by US basketball superstar Michael Jordan against a company using a similar name and logo to his Nike-produced brand, a report said.

The former Chicago Bull is arguably the most popular international basketball star in China and is known in the country as "Qiaodan", a Chinese version of his name. - Referenced Article

Armour: Tom Bradys cover-up worse than crime  

USA Today By : Nancy Armour

Tom Brady destroyed his credibility along with his cell phone. Might have put a few dents in his legacy, too.

For months, everyone has been snickering at the idea of the reigning Super Bowl MVP, the NFL's Golden Boy, being suspended for letting air out of footballs. But no one should be laughing now, not after Commissioner Roger Goodell's little bombshell Tuesday. - Referenced Article

Mike Tomlin gets 2-year extension from Steelers through 18 season  

ESPN By : Jeremy Fowler

The Pittsburgh Steelers have extended Mike Tomlin's contract by two seasons, giving one of the NFL's longest-tenured head coaches more time to chase his second championship.

Tomlin, who has four AFC North titles and five playoff appearances in eight years, is now under contract until at least the 2018 season, the team announced Thursday. - Referenced Article

Bettis on his HOF Crunch: It warms my heart  

Steelers.com By : Teresa Varley

Jerome Bettis looked at the box of cereal with his likeness on the front, and then glanced down at the lower left corner of it and couldn’t hide his smile. What he saw, what made him smile, is a logo that makes him so proud, the Pro Football Hall of Fame logo. “It warms my heart every time I see it,” said Bettis.

“This is something that was never a dream as a kid. You don’t dream of going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You dream of winning a championship. So when I see it, the realization is now I am in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” - Referenced Article

Jeffrey Webb, FIFA Vice-President Pays Most of His $10 Million Police Bond in Luxury Goods  

Time By : Joanna Plucinska

What can 11 luxury watches, a diamond wedding ring, a 401(k) account, three high-performance cars and 10 properties buy?

In the case of Jeffrey Webb, an ex-FIFA executive, it’ll secure a $10 million bond releasing him from police custody. Webb, a former vice president of soccer’s scandal-hit world governing body, was one of seven officials extradited from Switzerland in May for corruption. - Referenced Article

Jordan Hall of Fame  

Midiario.com By : Staff Reporting

UNITED STATES:Michael Jordan, who won two gold medals with the US basketball team, will enter the Hall of Fame of FIBA.

Basketball's governing body said Friday that Jordan will be part of the generation of nine players who will be integrated to the site on 19 September.

The player, who won six NBA championships, medals took gold in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, and was later led the famous Dream Team in 1992 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. - Referenced Article

Caitlyn Jenner the talk of the evening at the odd, blingy but watchable ESPYs  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Welcome to America, circa 2015, where the dividing line between sports and pop culture no longer exists. Mix the hubris of Hollywood with the bravado of modern athletes and you get what you get. I can barely watch but neither can I resist the chance to witness it up close.

This is better than Brutus stabbing Caesar at the Theater of Pompey, though I’ll admit I was busy that night and didn’t catch it live. But I managed to see the ESPYs in person on Wednesday, amid the legends and the lunatics and the occasional Brutus or two. Red carpets seem to attract that. - Referenced Article

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