Timid Democrats will be in for a surprise on Election Day  

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I have a feeling Democrats are going to wake up after Election Day going, eww and aww looking at the glacial shift in the political landscape. If the polls and analysts are correct, both Houses of Congress will be Republican. Maybe the Democrats will have a period of self-reflection like the Republicans did after the 2012 race.

The Democrats might ask themselves, how it is that affordable health care has so many popular and accepted components and still be politically poisonous.  How can so much political capital be squandered vis-à-vis defense and foreign policy?

White folks who were enthusiastic about Obama’s candidacy are shouting I don’t like his policies, but can’t give a definitive reason as to why, with the noticeable exception of Gwyneth Paltrow who is wholeheartedly all in for the President.

It is hard to call some of the Republican rage against the administration bigotry, or is it? One would have to reason that Obama’s approval ratings have tumbled because when the going got tougher they decided not to champion their own issues. It makes a tougher race for candidates like Jeanne Shaheen against former Senator Scott Brown; who was given his a** to him against Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.

I don’t know why they keep calling it a 24 hour news cycle; it’s actually a minute by minute or hourly news cycle nowadays and the Republicans has exploited it so much that Fox News, Breitbart and talk radio shows around the country can be deemed the ‘Fourth Branch of Government’s call for the end of Government’.

For all the talk of Obama’s campaign behemoth, did it run for the caves? The BarackObama.com YouTube Channel’s last post was in 2013. It has dwindled to over a half millions subscribers, but I can’t help but thinking what if the old Obama campaign apparatus was back in full swing. Could it help swing some state races for the Dems?

Republicans never left campaign and strategy mode. They made it their mission to ridicule the President at every stop, even made it a point to say that Vladimir Putin was a stronger leader. Even when they’ve had the worst blunders they’ve still made their base believe that giving arms to so-called moderate Syrians, which would have ended up in the hands of ISIS, was the only solutions to defeat President Assad. John McCain even demanded boots on the ground.

Foreign Policy novices like Senator Kelly Ayotte, championed short-sighted tactical solutions and questioned a handicapped administration that has to strategically think long-term and measure lasting implications that can’t be squeezed into the news cycle.

Colin Powell's endorsement  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Obama: You've got to get that Cousin Pookie sitting at home on the couch  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

When President Obama returned to the campaign trail Sunday, he re-introduced one of his favorite characters.

Yes, "Cousin Pookie" is back. As he has in previous elections, Obama cast Cousin Pookie and other family members as the kinds of disinterested voters that Democrats need to get to the polls this election. - Full Article

Paul: African-American leaders may not yet embrace GOP  

Politico By : Staff Reporting

Sen. Rand Paul tells POLITICO that the Republican presidential candidate in 2016 could capture one-third or more of the African-American vote by pushing criminal-justice reform, school choice and economic empowerment.

“If Republicans have a clue and do this and go out and ask every African-American for their vote, I think we can transform an election in one cycle,” the Kentucky Republican said in a phone interview Thursday as he was driven through New Hampshire in a rental car. - Full Article

Latest: Hunter Biden, Son of VP discharged from Navy Reserve for Cocaine  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Hunter Biden, the son of the vice president, was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after testing positive for cocaine, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

"It was the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge," the younger Biden said in a statement released by his attorney. - Full Article

Mitt Romney, Scott Brown pair up after 2012 pause  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

When Scott Brown was fighting to keep his Senate seat in Massachusetts two years ago, he was forced to keep his distance from a former colleague who also happened to be his party's top gun at the time, Mitt Romney.

Now, Brown is battling for the Senate again. This time, his arms are wide open for Romney. - Full Article

Intensity Edge: GOP Holds Advantage With High-Interest Voters  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Our latest NBC/WSJ/Annenberg poll presents some scary turnout numbers for Democrats.

It shows them with a five-point advantage in congressional preference, with 48% of registered voters wanting a Democratic-controlled Congress and 43% wanting Republicans in charge. - Full Article

Can New Hampshire still be Independent after electing Senator Scott Brown?  

eNewsReference.com By : Staff Reporting

New Hampshire First in the Nation, Live Free or Die and New Hampshire’s Assertive Independence will be toppled with the election of Scott Brown.

For all those Republicans harping about the influence of Massachusetts’s politics let’s go ahead and put our support behind a moderate Senator who was too tepid to win south of the border. How can New Hampshire conservatives call themselves independent with record amounts from big oil and Wall Street propping Scott Brown’s campaign up?

The only support Scott Brown has given New Hampshire thus far is in words only; there is no legislative record. Big money wouldn’t support a conservative of and by New Hampshire, so Kelly Ayotte threw her support with the money.

Elizabeth Warren: President Obama protected Wall Street not families  

Salon By : Staff Reporting

Senator Elizabeth Warren scarcely requires an introduction. She is the single most exciting Democrat currently on the national stage.

Her differentness from the rest of the political profession is stark and obvious. It extends from her straightforward clarity on economic issues to the energetic way she talks. - Full Article

Wendy Davis ad uses wheelchair to criticize paralyzed foe Abbott  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Wendy Davis is attacking her partially paralyzed Republican opponent Greg Abbott in the Texas governor's race -- with an ad that features an empty wheelchair. "A tree fell on Greg Abbott.

He sued and got millions. Since then, he's spent his career working against other victims," a narrator says of the wheelchair-bound Abbott. - Full Article

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