Translating Vladimir Putin on Ukraine  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Now more than ever, the world is watching what Vladimir Putin has to say. But his words sometimes have only a casual relationship with reality.

The true meaning of the Russian president lies beneath the surface. So when Putin held his annual call-in show on Thursday — broadcast in Ukraine after armed men took over a television tower there — NBC News asked a Russia expert to interpret what Putin really meant. - Full Article

Putin Asserts Right to Use Force in Ukraine  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

President Vladimir V. Putin said he hoped invasion of what he called “new Russia” would not be necessary. He also said for the first time that Russian forces had been sent to Crimea. - Full Article

Elizabeth Warren: Scott Brown attacked my dead parents, Bio-Wiki-Video  

Politico By : MJ Lee

Elizabeth Warren was “hurt” and “angry” about attacks on her family and ancestry in the 2012 Senate race, she writes in a new book, defending at length her characterization of her background as rooted in Native American ancestry.

Warren, the first-term Massachusetts Democratic senator, details her campaign to unseat former GOP Sen. Scott Brown in the book “A Fighting Chance." - Full Article

 Elizabeth Warren Biography Wiki

U.S. Navy ship Bonhomme Richard joined the rescue efforts  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Divers fighting strong currents have searched three compartments of a submerged South Korean ferry, but found no sign of 284 people — most of them high school students — still missing after the vessel sank off South Korea's southern coast Wednesday.

At least four of the 459 people aboard are confirmed dead and 55 are injured. - Full Article


CNN By : Staff Reporting

Rescue boats and helicopters scrambled Wednesday to find almost 300 passengers, including scores of high school students, missing after a ferry sank off the southwest coast of South Korea.

Of the 459 people on board, 164 have been rescued, the security ministry said. Many jumped from the listing ship to the freezing waters of the Yellow Sea. - Full Article

Man with hoax device frays nerves at Boston Marathon site  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Shortly after ceremonies ended Tuesday to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, two backpacks in the area of the Boylston Street finish line raised concerns of police, who evacuated the neighborhood.

The Boston Police Department called in the bomb squad and performed what is known as a "controlled disruption" of the bags, police department spokesman David Estrada said. - Full Article

Oscar Pistorius cross-examination ends  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

After several days of intense grilling, the prosecution ended its cross-examination in Oscar Pistorius' murder trial.

Pistorius cried and his voice trembled during his testimony as prosecutor Gerrie Nel challenged his account of what happened the night he shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor asked who should be blamed for shooting Steenkamp. - Full Article

Tax filing via snail mail waning  

AJC By : Marcus K. Garner

If you're waiting until the last minute – that would be Midnight on Tuesday - to mail out your federal income tax returns, you're in a shrinking number.

E-filing seems to be the way to go, especially in Georgia. The state is ranked third nationwide for the most electronic tax filers, behind California and Florida, according to the IRS on Monday. - Full Article

Tech Five: Google, Yahoo kick off big earnings week  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Buckle up for the next two weeks. Tech stocks should be pretty active as several key players report quarterly earnings starting Tuesday. Here’s a look at Monday’s Tech Five. Google.

Did the tech titan’s ad business continue to generate momentum during the first quarter? Last quarter, the company reported a 22% surge in ad revenue, helping the company rake in $16.86 billion... - Full Article

Why putting photos on Social Security cards wont save voting rights  

Los Angeles Times By : Michael Hiltzik

A certain William Wachtel, the co-founder of WhyTuesday, an election reform group chaired by former UN Ambassador Andrew Young, wrote me over the weekend to complain that I treated Young harshly by criticizing his proposal to require Social Security to issue photo IDs.

I called it "a terrible idea." - Full Article

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