South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag, but it's not coming down yet  

Mashable By : Megan Specia

The Confederate flag is still flying outside the South Carolina State Capitol in Columbia, but the official debate over its fate is just beginning.

In a special session on Monday, South Carolina's Senate voted to remove the Confederate flag that has flown over state capitol grounds since 1961. But the flag will still fly until the proposal passes through the House. - Referenced Article

Bill Cosby Said He Got Drugs to Give Women for Sex  

NBC By : MaryClaire Dale

Bill Cosby testified in 2005 that he got Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with, and he admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman and "other people," according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

The AP had gone to court to compel the release of the documents; Cosby's lawyers had objected on the grounds that it would embarrass their client. - Referenced Article

Obama Poised to Commute Sentences for Scores of Nonviolent Drug Offenders  


President Barack Obama is slated to sign orders in the next few weeks to release scores of federal inmates imprisoned on nonviolent drug charges, reports The New York Times.

Upon signing the orders, Obama will likely reduce more sentences at one time than any president in nearly 50 years, the report says.

The total number of commutations for Obama’s historic presidency could surpass 80... - Referenced Article

Beijing issues travel warning after Turkey protests target Chinese  

CNN By : Ivan Watson and Steven Jiang

China's embassy in Turkey has issued a travel warning to its citizens after some tourists were "attacked and harassed" during anti-Chinese protests in Istanbul.

The Chinese and Turkish governments are at odds over China's treatment of the Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group that live in China's far western Xinjiang province. - Referenced Article

Pope Francis Back in South America for Visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay  


Latin America's first pope returned to Spanish-speaking South America for the first time as pontiff Sunday, beginning a nine-day tour.

Pope Francis received a raucous welcome in Ecuador on the first leg of his pilgrimage, in which he is expected to highlight the plight of the poor, denounce inequality and reinforce his call to safeguard the environment.

Children in traditional dress greeted Francis at Quito's Mariscal Sucre airport - Referenced Article

John Kerry nuclear talks: hard choices needed  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Mr Kerry warned that the two sides were "not where we need to be on several of the most difficult issues".

His Iranian counterpart said "still nothing is clear", as ministers were set to continue talks in Vienna. Six world powers and Iran extended the deadline to Tuesday, after missing an earlier self-imposed cut-off point. - Referenced Article

The Declaration of Independence: Six things you (probably) didn't know  

CNN By : Evelyn Andrews

This Fourth of July will mark the 239th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the document that birthed the nation.

You may know about John Hancock's famously large signature or that Thomas Jefferson authored the document, but here are six facts you may not know about the Declaration. - More

Tentative Agreement on Sanctions Reached in Iran Nuclear Talks  


Experts helping to negotiate the Iran nuclear talks have reached a tentative agreement on how and when to lift U.S. and European Union sanctions against Iran — but the nations' foreign ministers must still accept the deal, NBC News has learned.

While officials say they have narrowed the gaps on all issues, some sticking points remain ahead of Tuesday's deadline. - Referenced Article

Hillary Clinton accuses China of hacking U.S. computers  


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and "huge amounts of government information," and of trying to "hack into everything that doesn't move in America."

Clinton's language on China appeared to be far stronger than that usually used by President Barack Obama's Democratic administration.

Speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire, Clinton said she wanted to see China's peaceful rise. - Referenced Article

Democratic ex-Va. Sen. Jim Webb announces presidential bid, Wiki-Bio  

CNN By : Dan Merica

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced Thursday that "after many months of thought, deliberation and discussion" he has decided to run for president of the United States.

In an over 2,000-word blog post, Webb writes that he decided to run because the United States needs "proven, experienced leadership that can be trusted to move us forward from a new President's first days in office." - Referenced Article

Sen Jim Webb Biography Wiki

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