Unemployment falls to lowest level in 7 years  

CNN Money By : Patrick Gillespie

U.S. unemployment fell to 5.3%, its lowest level since April 2008, according to the latest government data released Thursday.

It was an even healthier rate than many economists predicted and brings America back to a rate last seen before the financial crisis. Hiring remains robust: the U.S. added 223,000 jobs in June.

Thursday's news was slightly below the prediction from CNNMoney's survey of economists, which projected there would be 235,000 jobs added. - Referenced Article

Transforming Branding: Digital In Advertising  

Forbes By : Jason Bloomberg

For those of us in the technology world, digital is a technology concept – customer-driven technology to be sure, but still about the ones and zeroes in the end.

Ask someone in the advertising industry about digital, however, and you’ll get a very different answer.

It’s about the transformation of branding. “Colors and the emotional aspect of what a brand represents – those days are gone,” says Eric Pilkington, Chief Digital Officer at McCann Health, a McCann Worldgroup agency, which is owned by advertising giant Interpublic Group. - Referenced Article

iPhone anniversary: How the first iPhone beat the critics  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Eight years after Apple's first iPhone went on sale, we look back at a gadget that rocked the tech world, despite lacking some crucial features.

Study Suggests Google Harms Consumers by Skewing Search Results  


New research by two prominent U.S. academics suggests that Google Inc. is harming Internet users and violating competition laws by skewing search results to favor its own services, a potentially significant twist in Europe’s long-running antitrust investigation of the U.S. search giant.

The research combines statistical testing with detailed legal and economic analysis to examine the ramifications of Google’s practice of promoting its own specialized search services, such as for local restaurants or doctors, at the expense of rivals like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

It was sponsored by Yelp, which has filed a complaint with EU antitrust authorities over Google’s search practices. It was presented to EU regulators on Friday. - Referenced Article

Ford launches car-sharing program with owners  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Detroit is jumping into Silicon Valley's "sharing economy." Ford is launching a pilot program to allow owners who've financed through Ford credit to rent their cars short-term. Fourteen-thousand American drivers in six cities will be eligible, as well as 12,000 Ford owners in London. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson joins "CBS This Morning" from Chicago to discuss the car-sharing trend.

No Regrets! Google Debuts New Undo Send Feature in Gmail  


How often have you fired off an email and then immediately thought, "I maybe shouldn't have sent that"? Whether it's a typoed name, a sentence worded less-than-perfectly or simply something that your lawyer would have urged you not to put in writing, there are certain mistakes you probably don't want your intended recipients seeing.

On Monday, Google's email service debuted an attempt at a solution to these problems: the Undo Send feature. - Referenced Article

Well-known manufacturer halts production of Confederate flags  

CNN Money By : Aaron Smith

This follows similar movies by major retailers WalMart , Sears, eBay and Amazon, which all said they're going to stop selling the Confederate flag. Vanden Bosch told CNNMoney earlier this week that the flag making industry doesn't like to get involved in the politics of various flags.

"Generally speaking, as an industry, the stance has been we are not making patriotic statements or unpatriotic statements," said Vanden Bosch, who is also president of Flag Manufacturers Association of America. - Referenced Article

Facebook is nipping at YouTubes heels in the race for video viewers and advertisers  

VB News By : Staff Reporting

YouTube is the clear leader in video sharing and viewing, but Facebook is creeping up on the Google-owned giant. According to a recent survey and market research by Ampere Analysis, Facebook is on track to deliver two thirds as many video views in 2015 as YouTube does — two trillion versus YouTube’s three trillion.

Both services have a comparable number of monthly users overall. Referenced Article

Google May Be Natural Acquirer of Twitter  

Barron's By : MKM Partners

We are downgrading Twitter from Buy to Neutral. We are establishing a fair-value estimate of $39, down from our previous $57 price target.

We still believe in the long-term potential for and see significant upside if Twitter executes on user experience improvements.

However, we see no catalyst for improving sentiment in the next two quarters (besides a possible Google bid. Referenced Article

50 Billion Devices Connected By The End Of This Decade  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Cisco CEO John Chambers is a pioneer in building the digital economy. On his watch, Cisco grew from just over $1 billion in annual revenue to $47 billion. Chambers joins “CBS This Morning” from the Cisco headquarters in San Jose, California, to discuss how companies can survive cutthroat competition in the digital age.

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