Remember this endorsement  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Ferguson, MO Keene, NH Contrasts on Twitter  

Twitter By : Staff Reporting


Allen Wests shocking comments about the Pursuit of Happiness By : Staff Reporting

A former GOP Congressman #WESTOUTOFOFFICEOUTOFTOUCH pontificated about the World Series and the Pursuit of the Championship on his personal blog. I asked myself how does a person like Allen West, a lieutenant colonel who was punished and kicked out of the military for attempting to make a name for himself in Kuwait, arrive at his collection of thoughts when he says,

However, why is it that we all don’t love the “pursuit of happiness” as enshrined as one of our unalienable rights from our Creator in the Declaration of Independence — the fundamental document, which established our Constitutional Republic? Why is it that we don’t cheer and just go nuts over our individual right to have the equality of opportunity to press on in the pursuit of our own championship?

West is approaching the idiocy of the 47% comments of Mitt Romney, a Presidential candidate who was allowed to go to France and drink wine during the war, while millions of middle class and poor Americans were fighting in Vietnam.

According to West’s logic there are some Americans who would rather not pursue happiness as our Forefathers envisioned. I take it that when West was writing this piece he was just as prohibited in his thinking about the full equality of rights as Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, was when he wrote the Declaration of Independence; please don’t get me wrong West is no Jefferson by any stretch of the imagination (LOL). I apologize for the laughter.

The Declaration of Independence is so great because it is a document that has withstood the vestiges of time and it continuously perfects our daily lives as it pertains to individual rights.

West, would you listen to Dr. Martin Luther King:

When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We’re still realizing the promise. Today we give massive amounts of subsides to conglomerates and global entities like one of West’s top contributors when he was actually in office, Exxon Mobil. We allocate billions of dollars in special deductions to the top 1% of Americans while we argue about giving a livable wage to single mom’s working two and three jobs to make ends meet.

Some are asking, if all things are equal, why are we allowing wealthy folks like Mitt Romney to leave a sizable chunk of his wealth in Swiss Accounts untaxed or off shore tax shelters, so the middle class is left footing the bill?

Everyone can’t enjoy a “perfect morning in South Florida for a run” that gave Mr. West the perspective to write his divisive rant. You see some citizens are under assault, because guns and drugs are flowing into their neighborhoods unabated with under-performing schools and high unemployment rates.

Sometimes lofty perspectives like West’s are not achieved if you’re a kid growing up in South Chicago dodging bullets. For some it easy to blame other politicians without having the moral aptitude to understand this dichotomy from the perspective of a child growing up seeing few opportunities and what appears to be easy money flowing around them.

West’s comments are shocking, because they would mock a Creator that has hardwired everyone with the will to achieve happiness. Have you met a subhuman that wouldn’t want to be happy?

And what of the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies; teams who haven't won or the Seattle Mariners and the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals who have never played in a single World Series. From West’s reasoning the thousands of staff and players on those teams either didn’t want it bad enough or didn’t have the will; they’re simply losers in life.

ISIS Mortar Shells drop a few feet from CBS News Reporter  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Anbar Province west of Baghdad is becoming an increasing concern for the U.S.-led alliance in the fight against ISIS. Elizabeth Palmer got an inside look at the Iraqi army's front lines.

The Racial Double Standard on Gun Violence  

Huffington Post By : @JoshuaMHorwitz

The Racial Double Standard on Gun Violence - Huffington Post @JoshuaMHorwitz

Excellent piece...lot of insight and intellectual depth here. Sadly I see a lot of media outlets reporting gun violence with a broad brushed - analysis of events, while ignoring the underlying complexities involved.

The media and the NRA take raw data and load their coverage with a close-minded reasoning of events. More insightful pieces like this one will go a long way in decreasing gun violence. The answer can't just be more armor and the militarization of police agencies across the country...we're watching the ignorance of these policies unfold in Missouri and across the country.

I watched the shooting of Kajieme Powell, he was obviously mental ill. Yet even in that situation I felt from the way officers responded to the situation to the reporting of the incident was racially biased.

There was a non-lethal solution that should have been in the training and to think that a reporter for NBC referring to someone who was obviously mentally ill as a thug is mind boggling.

Trump bragging about his business practices as his company goes bankrupt  

Blomberg By : Staff Reporting

Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., the company founded by Donald Trump, will file for bankruptcy again this week, people with knowledge of the situation said, putting a fifth Atlantic City casino in danger of closing. The company owns two properties in the struggling New Jersey resort town. Trump Plaza is set to cease operations on Sept. 16, and the Trump Taj Mahal may also shut in November, the people said.

Who is Peter Kassig  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

The Islamic State terror group identified its next target on Friday, a former U.S. Army Ranger who was captured in Lebanon last year during a relief mission to help Syrian refugees.

Peter Edward Kassig, 26, first visited Beirut on a college spring break trip. What the Indiana native saw there prompted him to return... - Full Article

Defused grenade found on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's standby Air India aircraft  

The Times of India By : Staff Reporting

Indian security establishment has gone in a tizzy with the discovery of a defused grenade inside an Air India aircraft kept standby in Delhi for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent trip to the US.

The Boeing-747 was kept on standby at IGI Airport, which means it was fully ready to fly out for the PM in case the Jumbo Jet being used by him developed a snag. - Full Article

Boston Herald apologizes for Obama cartoon after backlash  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Boston Herald and its cartoonist apologized Wednesday for a cartoon that quickly drew criticism on social media for being racist.

A satire on the recent news that an intruder got farther into the White House last month than previously known... - Full Article

Black Donors Sperm Mistakenly Sent to White Parents: Lawsuit  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

A white Ohio mom is suing a sperm bank for sending her vials from a black donor, saying her biracial 2-year-old daughter will be stigmatized by her family and the "intolerant" town where they live and has to travel to get her hair done.

Jennifer Cramblett thought she was being inseminated with a white man's sperm in 2011 and only discovered after she was pregnant that the Midwest Sperm Bank sent the wrong batch, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court. - Full Article

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