The Supreme Court might destroy affirmative action because this white womans grades werent good enough.  

Slate By : Jamelle Bouie

In 2008, Abigail Fisher, who is white, sued the University of Texas at Austin for race discrimination.

The school rejected her, and she blamed its affirmative action program, which considers race and ethnicity in a “holistic review” of certain candidates.

“There were people in my class with lower grades who weren’t in all the activities I was in, who were being accepted into UT, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin,” she explained. - Referenced Article

Man in wheelchair robs bank in New York, makes getaway  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

It may not have been the fastest getaway, but police are searching for a man in a wheelchair who robbed a bank in New York City.

It happened at the Santander bank in Queens shortly after 2 p.m. Monday. Police say a man in his late 20s and wearing a grey hoodie wheeled into the bank and passed a note to the teller demanding cash.

After receiving over $1,200 in bills, police say the suspect then fled westbound on Broadway in the wheelchair. Referenced Article

Steve Wozniak: In the future, robots will keep humans as pets  

Rapid News Network By : TYLER OWEN

“If we build these devices to take care of everything for us, eventually they’ll think faster than us and they’ll get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently”.

“I think laws will be passed that you can’t have human drivers on some roads”, he said. “I got this idea a few years ago and so I started feeding my dog filet steak and chicken every night because ‘do unto others”. - Referenced Article

Millennials love media on smartphones, shun live TV  

USA Today By : Roger Yu

The Millennials lead other age groups in media consumption on smartphones but watch the least amount of live television, according to new data from Nielsen.

Reflecting the trend that has kept TV executives awake at night, U.S. adults between the ages of 18 to 34 watched on average 22 hours of TV a week, according to Nielsen's Q1 2015 Total Audience Report released Tuesday.

Their consumption pales in comparison to 36 hours spent a week in front of the tube by all adults. The Millennial set spends "nearly as much time using digital devices as a whole as they do watching TV," the study said. - Referenced Article

Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters and a babysitter, parents tell Fox News  

Washington Post By : Abby Ohlheiser

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said Wednesday that there was nothing that could have prepared them for the trauma of learning years ago that their oldest son, Josh, had “improperly touched some of our daughters.”

“He said he was just curious about girls and he had gone in and just basically touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping; they didn’t even know he had done it,” Jim Bob Duggar told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, in the family’s first interview since the allegations were reported last month. - Referenced Article

An Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete  


GOOGLE SHOWED OFF any number of potentially revolutionary technologies at its I/O developer conference keynote Thursday.

There was Jump, a platform for generating 3D virtual reality content, and Brillo, Google’s latest entrant into the smart-home horse race.

But the company’s most important announcement was the evolution of a technology that’s nearly three years old. - Referenced Article

No bombshell in Clinton e-mails By : Karen DeYoung

Nearly 900 pages of Libya-related e-mails from Hillary Rodham Clinton's private account provide little apparent fuel for a Republican investigation of her actions preceding the September 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi and an alleged administration cover-up in its aftermath.

Released Friday by the State Department, the e-mails contain nuggets indicating that Clinton received a fairly steady flow of information about the political chaos inside Libya throughout 2011 and 2012. - Referenced Article

North Korea executes defense chief on treason charges: South Korean media  


North Korea has executed its defense chief on treason charges, Seoul's National Intelligence Service was quoted as telling lawmakers, in the latest of a series of high-level purges since Kim Jong Un took power after his father's death in 2011.

Hyon Yong Chol, who heads the isolated country's military, was purged and then executed by firing squad with an antiaircraft gun, watched by hundreds of people, South Korean media reported on Wednesday, citing the NIS's comments to a parliamentary panel. - Referenced Article

Google Bans China's Website Certificate Authority After Security Breach  

Tech Crunch By : Catherine Shu

Google has announced that its web browser Chrome and other products will no longer recognize security certificates issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the government agency that oversees China’s domain name registry.

This is significant because CNNIC administers security certificates for the .cn country code, as well as Chinese-language domain names, which are open to businesses registered within China. - Referenced Article

Ferguson Shooting: Chief Says Cops Lucky to Live After Ambush  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

One of the two police officers shot overnight in Ferguson, Missouri, has a bullet lodged in his head, and both are lucky to have survived, a police official said on Thursday.

"We could have buried two police officers next week over this," Chief Jon Belmar of the St. Louis County police told reporters. - Referenced Article

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