Twitter Stock Jumps on Soaring Revenue, but Growth Remains a Concern  


Twitter reported a jolt of growth in the second quarter, driven in part by heavy use of the service during the World Cup soccer tournament. The strong results surprised Wall Street, and prompted investors to send the company’s shares up 30 percent in after-hours trading.

Revenue soared 124 percent, and the average number of people using the microblogging service in June was up 6 percent from March. - Full Article

Zillow Buys Rival Trulia For $3.5 Billion In Stock  

Marketing Land By : Greg Sterling

The rumor that real estate site Zillow was buying its chief rival Trulia surfaced last week in a Bloomberg report.

This morning it was confirmed. Zillow and Trulia’s boards had approved a $3.5 billion stock-for-stock transaction. Both companies are public. The deal will create a dominant digital real estate company in the U.S. market.

The closest rival will be, operated by the National Association Of Realtors. - Full Article

The Retargeting Trap: How Targeting Conversions Hurts ROI  

Marketing Land By : Susan Esparza

Data are wonderful things. Properly applied, data can provide insights into where to trim budget and where to increase it. Data will indicate what’s working versus what’s not, what’s a signal versus what’s an outlier.

And, data help to determine the proper media mix for the overall campaign strategy. Data-driven, performance-based advertisers reviewing their online display metrics often find it easy to justify spend on retargeting.

After all, it’s very simple to see that retargeting is a big winner when it comes to display. But beware! There’s a trap in that data. - Full Article

Google search changes will push SEO firms and social media marketers closer  

The Guardian By : Natasha Clark

Google's Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird search algorithms affect around 90% of online searches, according to Search Engine Watch.

These algorithms strip out "bad searches" – sites stuffed with keywords, duplicated content and manipulated hyperlinks – and rightly so; the onus for higher search rankings has consequently been placed on the quality, originality and relevance of online content. - Full Article

Judge expresses concern on $450 million e-book settlement of Apple  

Tech Times By : Staff Reporting

The settlement is Apple's way to evade an antitrust lawsuit which stated that the company formed a conspiracy with five publishers on its bid to fix the prices of e-books.

Apple's settlement request sparked an area of concern as its provisions could undervalue the consumers' claims. One clause states that Apple will be required to pay a lower amount of $70 million if the decision from the appeals court is reversed, making the company non-liable in antitrust laws violation. - Full Article

If you cant check in, is it really Foursquare?  

ComputerWorld By : Mike Elgan

Foursquare unceremoniously dropped its "check in" feature this week. Now, the service has been re-created as a third-rate Yelp instead of a first-rate Foursquare.

Check-ins are now done via Swarm, a new app launched recently by Foursquare.

The trouble with this is that, for many of Foursquare's most loyal and passionate users, checking in to locations is what Foursquare has always been about. - Full Article

Bose Is Suing Beats Electronics Over Noise-Canceling Headphone Patents  

Forbes By : Amit Chowdhry

Today Bose Corporation has filed a legal complaint against Beats Electronics for allegedly infringing patents related to its noise-canceling headphones, which was first reported by CNBC.

Bose claims that Beats is infringing upon 50 years of research and development of noise cancellation technology that is protected by 36 U.S. patents and applications. - Full Article

Google Wants to Index and Optimize Your Body  

Vanity Fair By : Kia Makarechi

Google’s new “moonshot” project isn’t a new fancy gadget, but the fanciest gadget of all: the human body. Announced Friday in The Wall Street Journal, Google’s Baseline Study will aim to define “healthy.” - Full Artile

Fundamental Building Blocks Of A Successful Marketing Campaign  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen the shortened phrase ROI in an article I’d probably have a nice pot of cash somewhere.

We know that not all marketing campaigns are the same, they do not yield the same results and unfortunately marketing tactics do not yield significant long term results.

Are there comprehensive marketing strategies that could maximize opportunities and yield a greater ROI?

My one word answer is an obvious yes. - Full Article

EU Tells Apple, Google: Limit In-App Purchasing  

InformationWeek By : Thomas Claburn

As U.S. regulators continue to press mobile platform providers for failing to prevent children from making unauthorized purchases in apps, European regulators are doing the same.

On Friday, EU Commissioner for Consumer Policy Neven Mimica said in a statement that EU efforts to stop children from conducting in-app transactions without permission have been going well. "[C]hildren must be better protected when playing online," he said. - Full Article

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