Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson


The thing about Digital Marketing is it’s hard not to learn something on a daily basis. There are always new trends and the marketing tools we play with are in a constant state of flux because markets change with varying tastes and appetites; or in other words supply and demand. I've become much more astute about markets that I track through automated reports that send data to me by the hour. Every now and then, I am in awe with the development of the content on YouTube and its ability to attract billions of viewers who prefer streaming video over channel chasing. My reports indicate that some interesting trends and insights in the digital streaming world are:

Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities

  • Gardeners are radical in their pursuit of learning better techniques to grow things. The online community is their oasis and a meeting ground to connect with the like-minded. And some gardeners go ‘cuckoo’ for Daylilies.
  • I also learned about the Dragon Ball Z ‘Light of Hope’s’ popular science fiction episodes and the creative team’s ability to crowd-source each show online. There is a tremendous organic following which includes a lot of Millennials escaping network and cable viewing.
  • On college campuses around the country…iFunny is quite funny and is very popular for sharing. The content has many very short anecdotal photos and jokes that students consume.
  • In the entertainment world, Kevin Hart is popular and his copied content on YouTube is yielding enormous success among Google AdWord advertisers in some market segments.

Kevin Hart Copied YouTube Content  

We rely on open-sourced tools to reach brand advocates who help to expand market reach. Some of you use advertising through Facebook or Google AdWords to get your message out there on a consistent basis, and I’m sure you've learned it is increasingly more costly to promote your product or service because there’s a premium on reaching audiences outside of your pre-defined networks. My team at Online eBusiness Solutions utilizes the popular social platforms when necessary for our clients, but if it’s your sole means for getting out information about your brand or services, then chances are there’s a significant portion of your market that is not being engaged with your messaging and/or competitors are serving that niche. I believe our team’s success hinges on a strategy based on concepts that I call the three C’s;

  • Being Comprehensive in your approach from the onset
  • Being Consistent in perfecting the messages about your Brand
  • And utilizing Concerted efforts to bridge both the digital and offline worlds to reach your audience

This digital streaming migration presents an enormous opportunity for the information and the value proposition for a particular brand and it starts with being passionate about learning. Thoughts that a marketer wakes up with in the morning are finding the next best marketing ‘solution’ and the fun in the pursuit thereof. It is very exciting learning about that innovative tools and channels to reach your target audience and most importantly when you’ve found that needle in a haystack market segment along with habits and behavior models. Call our Toll FREE line at 1.800.742.0169 for a FREE Consultation today. Let us know if we can help you with your 2015 Marketing Plans at any time.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands. For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

The Daily Show replaces Jon Stewart with Trevor Noah, Wiki-Bio  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

On Monday, the show announced that comedian Trevor Noah will take over for Jon Stewart, who announced in February that he was leaving after 16 years.

Stewart himself succeeded Craig Kilborn and saw the news program's popularity skyrocket.

"You don't believe it for the first few hours," Noah told the New York Times. "You need a stiff drink, and then unfortunately you're in a place where you can't really get alcohol." - Referenced Article

Torn-up sick notes shows Andreas Lubitz should have been grounded  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

German authorities said on Friday they had found torn-up sick notes showing that the pilot who crashed a plane into the French Alps was suffering from an illness that should have grounded him on the day of the tragedy.

French prosecutors believe Andreas Lubitz, 27, locked himself alone in the cockpit of the Germanwings Airbus A320 on Tuesday and deliberately steered it into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board. - Referenced Article

Secret Service investigates agents after White House crash  

BBC By : Catharina Moh

The US Secret Service is investigating two senior agents after a car crash at the White House. A spokesman for the Secret Service told the BBC the collision happened during the evening on 4 March.

The Washington Post reported that the agents drove the car into a security barricade after a night of drinking and partying. - Referenced Article

University of Oklahoma fraternity shuttered after racist chant  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Even with the national chapter shutting the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the University of Oklahoma, the school president said the university's affiliation with the fraternity is permanently done as a campus group called for the expulsion of fraternity members.

The members have until midnight Tuesday to get their things out of the house, university President David Boren said in a Monday afternoon news conference. - Referenced Article

White House Steps Up Pressure on Netanyahu Over Speech to Congress  


In the lead-up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech before a joint session of Congress Tuesday, White House officials continued to point to what they see as politically divisive and diplomatically damaging theater. President Obama called it a “mistake” for the prime minister to speak before Congress so close to the March 17 elections in Israel.

“It makes it look like we are taking is a distraction from what should be our focus,” Obama said in an interview with Reuters Monday. - Referenced Article

US-Israel quarrel intensifies over Netanyahu speech  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Trading barbs, the U.S. and Israel escalated their increasingly public spat Wednesday over Benjamin Netanyahu’s GOP-engineered congressional speech next week, with the Israeli prime minister accusing world powers of rolling over to allow Tehran to develop nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry openly questioned Netanyahu’s judgment on the issue.

The comments injected new tension into an already strained relationship between the close allies ahead of Netanyahu’s address to Congress next Tuesday. - Referenced Article

ISIS kidnap at least 90 people from Christian villages in Syria  


Islamic State militants have kidnapped at least 90 people after sweeping through Christian villages in Syria, it has been revealed.

The abductions are said to have taken place after ISIS seized two Assyrian communities from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh.

Dawn raids on Monday are said to have spread 'panic' in the villages, inhabited by the ancient Christian minority along the banks of the Khabur River near the town of Tel Hmar. - Referenced Article

New Violence Belies Talk of Peace in Ukraine  


The main Russian-backed rebel organization in eastern Ukraine said it would begin moving heavy weaponry away from the front lines on Sunday, but the government said the group mounted a tank assault on a village near the Sea of Azov.

Violence also spread beyond the separatist regions to other Ukrainian cities on Sunday. - Referenced Article

Fire breaks out at luxury Dubai skyscraper  

CNN By : Melissa Gray

A fire broke out early Saturday at a luxury apartment skyscraper in Dubai, engulfing several floors on at least three sides of the iconic Torch building and spewing flaming debris to the ground.

There were no deaths or injuries, and the fire was out three hours after it began, the Dubai Civil Defense said. The cause was not known, the Dubai Civil Defense said. - Referenced Article

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