April 23, 2014, 5:12 am

Better late than never: China seizes Japanese cargo ship as payment for an unpaid compensation debt from 1936

Mail Online - By : Staff Reporting

China has seized a 119,000-tonne Japanese cargo ship in a dispute over a Second World War debt dating back 78 years.

Shanghai impounded the 1,050ft-long ore freighter Baosteel Emotion after a court ruled Japan still owed £17million for two Chinese ships which were commandeered by the Imperial Japanese Navy and sunk. -

Tea Party Battle Boehner on his own turf

Washington Post - By : Staff Reporting

House Speaker John Boehner’s tenure as the top Republican in Congress has not been smooth.

He has sparred with a combative Democratic president and a Democratic Senate.

He has been attacked by conservatives in his own part...

Skechers Won the Boston Marathon. But Why Was It Even in the Race?

Bloomberg BusinessWeek - By : Staff Reporting

Meb Keflezighi was a bit of a longshot in today’s Boston Marathon today. He’s American, for starters, and American men haven’t won the race in three decades. He’s also 38, a bit old for elite running. And he was wearing ...

On trip to Asia, Obama to bolster US allies intimidated by China

euronews - By : Staff Reporting

In the latest manifestation of the administration’s “rebalancing strategy” to Asia, US President Barack Obama will go on a week-long tour to the region on Tuesday to bolster some of Washington’s closest friends and allie...

Google Should Buy Dropbox

Slate - By : Staff Reporting

Siri and I don’t talk much these days. Which is odd, because she probably knows more about me than anyone else in my life. She knows where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

She knows how many books I own, and which ones I’ve actually read. She knows whom I talk to every day, and what I say. - Full Article

Google agreed to pony up for Samsungs defense against Apple

CNET - By : Staff Reporting

Google has provided funding to help Samsung defend itself against Apple's patent-infringement claims, emails between the two companies revealed Tuesday.

Google patent attorney James Maccoun, in deposition testimony presented by Apple in court here, authenticated emails between Google and Samsung from 2012 that said that the Internet giant would "defend and indemnify" Samsung over its use of technology that Apple said infringed its patents. - Full Article

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