The Magic Of Tiger Woods TOUR Championship 2018

Tiger Woods Tour Championship 2018

A less spry Tiger Woods gracefully strutted through his third round of the Tour Championship 2018. There was such a groundswell of support for the most accomplished active golfer in the field that few people stopped to ask, why has the competitive edge reemerged at this moment and not the many other attempts?

To be true, Tiger has been in the running at critical points, but in the here and now if we didn’t observe the ginger approach to picking up the golf ball at times we would not know where or when his dominance ended. After all, he’s dominating a field of golfers where some are half his age, golfers he’s responsible for educating in the particulars about being competitive and dominant in the sport.

The magic of Tiger Woods allows the throng of crowds he’s energizing at events, those watching on TV and online, to witness the excellence of the Tiger Woods era coming full circle. Those who came up borrowing from elements of his game competing against the same and millions of spectators enjoying the spectacle of it all.

Now we’re learning first hand that there’s more left on the table and a great golfer is calling everyone’s bluff and playing his brand of a remarkable game we call golf.