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Obamas Acquire Rights To Book Critical Of Trump’s Transition

Obamas Acquire Rights to New Book

Barack and Michelle Obama are using their newly-acquired influence as movie and TV producers to open up a new front on the war with President Trump with their purchase of the rights to Michael Lewis’ The Fifth Risk.

In an interview with NPR last year Michael Lewis described the scene in the Department of Agriculture the day president Trump took office:

“[The Obama administration’s staff] had parking spots reserved, and they had offices set aside and the briefing books on the table. And they’d arranged Wi-Fi for the computers and passwords for everybody and, you know, badges to get in and out of the buildings. And then days passed, and they finally kind of get word that, well, they’re a little disorganized, and nobody’s coming… And it was actually the better part of two months before anybody shows up who’s going to be – who’s going to represent Trump’s transition to the Department of Agriculture. So they had – they were just left waiting for a long time.”