Two Interesting Dynamics in the Democrats effort to win the Vote

Midterm Election 2018

There is so much talk about getting out the vote and taking back the conscience of a nation, that some of us have spent little time understanding the consequences of the Democrats taking back the US House of Representatives. There are two interesting dynamics in the Democrats effort to win the vote.

First, it was interesting to see billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s new 5 million ad campaign, dubbed ‘Higher Purpose,’ where he implores Americans to vote straight ticket Democrats. It will be interesting to see how many Republicans and unaffiliated voters heed his call. How many people will vote for the sake of the country, not their party? How many Democrats will return to the party after witnessing the GOP led governing circus?

Second, it’s always interesting to see how the rest of the world perceives this election. And it was interesting to get a perspective on a report by Tom Blackwell from National Post, a Canadian English newspaper from our north. Blackwell outlines several angles Robert Mueller’s investigation can take if the Democrats win the house in ‘For Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, outcome of U.S. midterm elections Tuesday could be crucial.’

In the final analysis, we always hear the phrase, “this is not who we are” when there are deplorable deeds by and surrounding the person occupying the White House. This election is an election of a lifetime because it will signal to America and the world exactly who the American people are. Yet this is only the first step in undoing the travesty of what has been unleashed by the person masquerading as President.