Why Doesn’t Trump Admit To Being A Devout Racist And Get It Over With?

Could the person masquerading as President survive in office if he simply came out and admitted to what most of the country already know? As the leader of the free world, Trump is widely viewed as the very definition of a racist, given his authority over millions of people of color in the United States and his power to implement policy affecting their day-to-day lives.

As the head of a management company of his father’s real estate empire, he violated federal housing laws when according to NPR “The Justice Department sued Donald Trump, his father, Fred, and Trump Management in order to obtain a settlement in which Trump and his father would promise not to discriminate. The case eventually was settled two years later after Trump tried to countersue the Justice Department for $100 million for making false statements. Those allegations were dismissed by the court.”

Donald Trump stands with New York Mayor Ed Koch, Gov. Hugh Carey and Robert T. Dormer of the Urban Development Corp. at the launching ceremony of the New York Hyatt Hotel in June 1978. AP

In 1989 Trump spent $85,000 placing full-page ads in the four daily papers in New York City against five wrongly convicted Harlem teenagers that he has since never issued an apology for. He even stated, “Muggers and murderers,” he wrote, “should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.” 14 years after their sentences were vacated, based on DNA evidence, Trump has still not issued an apology for disparaging their reputations.

Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, and Korey Wise in New York City. Known as the Central Park Five, they served prison sentences after being wrongly convicted in the Central Park jogger case. Credit Michael Nagle for The New York Times

In the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s new book, “Becoming” she states she can’t bring herself to forgive Trump for gaining national attention based on the birtherism lie about then President Barack Obama’s national origin. Then there was the lie about Mexicans coming over the border, the racist views about a sitting US Judge and the Muslims celebrating after 911.

Most analysts have commented about the President’s “dog whistles” to the most radical hate groups on the planet, but it’s actually a bullhorn to the most barbaric elements in our society. This week we’ve witness attacks on two Afro-American candidates for Governorships by questioning their qualification for the job, attacks on three Afro-American reporters shouting “loser,” “that’s a stupid comment,” “sit down,” or “that’s a racist question.”

When you consider he’s already admitted to being a nationalist, we simply dare Donald J. Trump to have the courage to state the obvious. What would Martin Luther King call a Donald J. Trump? What would Malcolm X call a Donald J. Trump? The answer is exactly what we call the person masquerading as President. The lasting effect of Trump’s brand of leadership is that everyday citizens are galvanized to act accordingly or give it tacit approval by doing and saying nothing about it.

The sooner Mueller’s findings can rid the nation of this growing evil scourge on our society the better.