Trump And His Nominee To The South African Ambassadorship Has A History Of Not Paying Federal Taxes

Lana Marks, handbag designer and Donald Trump’s nominee for the United States Ambassadorship in South Africa has a history of tax avoidance dating back to 2007. Marks and Trump not only share the ambiance at Mar-a-Largo, as an exclusive member, she and Trump also has the distinction of avoiding their federal taxes to Uncle Sam.

The IRS filed a tax lien on Marks and her husband Neville’s 1 million dollar condo in Palm Beach for over $360,000 on August 26, 2015.

Like Trump, Marks has also been embroiled in lawsuits:

“In more than a dozen past lawsuits against her in Aspen, New York, California, and South Florida, Marks has repeatedly been accused of stiffing her attorneys, accountants, landlords and employees. She is also embroiled in bitter, international legal battles in South Africa and Israel with her siblings over a family trust and the care for their 89-year-old mother.”

Marks is the fourth Mar-a-Largo member to be tapped by Trump for Ambassadorships:

Robin Bernstein, a founding member of Mar-a-Lago: Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.
Patrick Park: Appointed ambassador to Austria but declined the honor.
Brian Burns: Appointed ambassador to Ireland but said no for health reasons.