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NCAA has a change of heart Athlete can Retain GoFundMe Proceeds after being Disowned by Family

Emily Scheck, 19, a college sophomore and Division I athlete, was disowned by her family after they learned she had a girlfriend. Scheck’s parents gave her an ultimatum: either come home and get therapy or be cut off from the family.

Her teammate Grace Hausladen started a GoFundMe campaign earlier this month to help raise money so Scheck could pay for her basic living expenses, but had to report “Sadly, because both Emily and I are both Division I runners, accepting this money means we are not longer eligible to run for Canisius College’s Cross Country and Track programs due to the regulations of the NCAA,” Hausladen announced in a GoFundMe update posted on Nov. 11. “However, Emily and I both came to the decision that this money can help her more than running or the school ever will. With this money, Emily will be able to buy her books, pay her tuition, purchase health and car insurance, pay her phone bill, or her rent.”

GoFundMe page 

But on Nov. 16, the same day Outsports first reported Scheck’s story, the NCAA had a change of heart.