Walmart is pulling its support for Republican Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith

A recent image of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith posing with Confederate Civil War Artifacts, her recent comments about lynchings and voter suppression did not deter Donald Trump from planning to campaign with the Senator.

In a new ad released on Tuesday, Espy’s campaign warned voters that electing Hyde-Smith would reinforce “the stereotypes that hurt our state.” “We can’t afford a senator who embarrasses us and reinforces the stereotypes we’ve worked so hard to overcome,” a narrator says. “We’re better than this, Mississippi — and that’s no joke.”

“Sen. Hyde-Smith’s recent comments clearly do not reflect the values of our company and associates,” Walmart said through its Twitter account. “As a result, we are withdrawing our support and requesting a refund of all campaign donations.”

Hyde-Smith has been pushing back against fallout from a comment she made at a campaign stop in Tupelo earlier this month. While praising a longtime friend, she said, “I would fight a circular saw for him. If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.”