Trevor Noah: If you’re Black and a man in America gun rights is not for you

Trevor Noah used his platform on the Daily Show to shed light on the epidemic of Black men getting shot by police officers while in the act of protecting other members of their community. The Daily Show host highlighted the shooting deaths of Emantic “E.J.” Bradford Jr. and Jemel Roberson.

Jemel Roberson was working as a security guard at a bar outside of Chicago when he subdued a potential mass shooter when officers arrived and mistook him as the gunman. And recently, Ematic “E.J.” Bradford Jr. was gunned down at an Alabama mall while in the act of protecting himself from a shooter when officers came on the scene and killed him. The police department released a false report, saying they killed the gunmen in the mall shooting before changing their statement to reflect the fact that they killed an innocent man.

Noah expressed the irony of White perpetrators of shootings who are rarely killed by authorities but are talked down or take their own life.