Trump’s December Surprise Christmas Gift To Vladimir Putin is Chaos

The monster masquerading as President of the United State lasting gift to Vladimir Putin is disruption. As President Trump wields the terrible capacity to diminish long-held American values by going after the media, challenging America’s immigration policy of granting asylum and even the rule of law with his threats to political opponents and attacks on FBI officials in an attempt to undermine the Special Counsel investigation.

Lately, Trump has begun plans to remove troops out of Syria, remove sanctions from oligarchs in Russia and he has informed Congress he is not accepting a resolution to not shut down the government. Defense Secretary James Mattis just issued his resignation due to the erratic nature of a nihilist hell-bent on protecting his wealth more than protecting the interests of the American people.

Putin helped cultivate Trump’s base leading up to the 2016 Election, with a series of lies, deception, and misinformation. Trump has leverage powerful assets of the Office to sow seeds of discord, around the globe. There is no question that his criticism of NATO and the United States closest allies is not a nod to Putin. In a sense, there can be no greater operative for the Kremlin’s interest.

The question is, can this country overcome Trump’s madness? While the Special Counsel investigation makes its way into Congress and eventually a ruling from the highest court in the land, will segments in the deep south, midwest and rustbelt states’ satiation with Trump’s nationalist impulses dissipate over time? Don’t hold your breath.

Many analysts are predicting that Robert Mueller will bring a thorough, very detailed and fact-based case against Trump’s empire of money laundering, tax evasion and fraud involving the Trump Foundation. If nothing else we will know Trump’s true connection to Putin and Congress will use the information as it drafts articles of impeachment to attempt to remove this scourge on American life.

Soon America will fully understand the lengths the Obama Administration took to collect and preserve information that is/was vital to formulating Special Counsel investigation.