Trump’s Google search for President Obama’s policy on building a wall ended with this Tweet

Do you want a clear indication that the person masquerading as President of the United States is stocking his predecessor by doing Google searches related President Barack Obama’s policy our southern border? To give himself more ammunition for holding the US Federal worker’s pay hostage until he gets funding to build a wall along the southern border Trump has been doing a little research. He came across an old TMZ article referencing the Obama’s building a wall around their rental home in DC for extra security and unleashed yet another tweet.

The Hill:   Trump claims ‘wall’ around Obamas’ DC home is ‘same thing’ as border wall

Trump tweeted that the brick structure reportedly put up last year along the Obamas’ Kalorama home was “totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!”

TMZ first reported two years ago that the former first family had obtained permits for additional security at their D.C. home. The structure, which in photos appears to be similar to a security fence but made of brick, was reportedly completed in 2017.