A Conversation About The NFL

We do a tremendous disservice to Tom Brady’s predecessors by elevating him to GOAT status when he’s only contributing a fraction of their work. Brady can conceivably play this game until his mid-50s dropping back two steps in a pocket surrounded by 355-pound linemen who are more athletic. Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowls quicker and like the Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, Johnny Unitas, and the John Elway’s of the world…they had to be very elusive athletes in the backfield.

The Asterisk presents over 200 facts and direct sources in making the case that the 2-step rule, tuck rule, strike zones for athletically inferior quarterbacks like Tom Brady and receivers running unimpeded throughout their routes is an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION on the part of the league and the son of a diehard Patriots fan and season ticket holder (Roger Goodell) to boost the performance of inferior players on the field of play.

We’ve moved heaven and earth to protect stationary targets instead of evolving the game around quarterbacks who are more mobile. It’s hard to believe that the league has metamorphosed to Lawrence Taylor or Jim Brown not making the 2019 draft because God-given talents and athleticism has been devalued.

A Brady or Manning has been in 8 of the last 10 Super Bowls not because of their athletic prowess but because of the rules being manipulated to enhance their inferior play. And yes Brady benefitted from being on a team that cheated their opponents for the better part of a decade. Rule manipulation and cheating have amounted to artificial success in the 2000s. This is a conversation that’s uncomfortable for many, but it’s a necessary conversation about the integrity of Professional Football in America that has to be had.

Every defensive position on the field has been altered to put more points on the board to boost ratings, to satisfy fantasy football and legal gambling enthusiasts…and therefore more profits for owners. The Asterisk is one of the most thought-provoking books about professional sports. ORDER TODAY, WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD!