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eNews Reference is fully committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors toits website.

Personal Information

Certain forms on eNews Reference may request personal information such as your emailaddress.  This information is requested only if you require feedbackfrom eNews Reference.  Visitors are under no obligation to submit suchinformation.

We will not disclose any personal information to any third party for anyreason.  We will never send you any advertisements or unsolicitedinformation about this site. We will only respond, when necessary, to specificrequests for information.

We do not maintain any databases storing any personal information about ourvisitors.

Aggregate Information

eNews Reference does not collectany aggregate information about visitors to this site.  We do not place anycookies on your computer to enable us to identify you as a repeat visitor.

eNews Reference does not provide any aggregate informationto third parties concerning visitors to this site.


eNews Reference runs Google Adsense advertisements on its site.   Theseadvertisements are provided by Google and are governed by their privacy policy whichis available at the Google website.

External Web Links

eNews Reference contains in excess of twenty thousands links to external newsweb sites.

Once an eNews Reference user clicks on one of these external links, they haveleft the eNews Reference web site.  The privacy policy of eNews Referenceno longer applies.

Some of these web sites may have privacy policies which differ from those ofeNews Reference and which users may find to be unsatisfactory.  eNews Reference NewsLinks takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of these sites.  Itis strictly the responsibility of the user to examine the suitability of theirprivacy policies.

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