Tupac Shakur


The Life of Tupac Shakur 

SEPTEMBER 1968: Tupac’s
mother, Afeni Shakur, joins
the New York Black Panther
party at age 22.

APRIL 1969: Afeni is arrested
and charged with conspiracy
to bomb several public areas
in New York City. While out
on bail, Afeni courts two men:
Legs, a local hood, and Billy,
a member of the party.

FEBRUARY l97l: Afeni,pregnant
with Tupac, has her bail
revoked; she’s sent to the
Women’s House of Detention
in Greenwich Village.

JUNE 16, 1971: Shortly after
his mom is acquitted on
bombing charges, Tupac
Amaru Shakur is born in New
York. Tupac Amaru are Inca
words meaning “shining serpent.
” Shakur Is Arabic for
“thankful to God.”

1975-1983: Tupac’s family
shuttles between the Bronx
and Harlem, at times living
in shelters.

1983: Legs comes to live with
the Shakur family; Tupac
“claims” him as his father.
Legs introduces Afeni to

SEPTEMBER 1983: Afeni
enrolls 12-year-old Tupac in
the 127th Street Ensemble,
a Harlem theater group. In
his first performance, Tupac
plays Travis in A Raisin in
the Sun.

JUNE 1986: Shakur’s family
moves to Baltimore. As MC
New York, Tupac writes his
first rap.

SEPTEMBER 1986: Tupac
enrolls at the Baltimore
School for the Arts, where he
studies ballet and acting.

JUNE 1988: Tupac and his
family move to Marin City,
California “Leaving that
school affected me so much,”
he said later. “see that as the
point where I got off track.”
Shortly after, Tupac moves in
with a neighbor and begins
selling drugs.

AUGUST 1988: Mutulu
Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather,
is sentenced to sixty years in
prison for his involvement in a
1981 armored-car robbery.

1990: Tupac joins Digital
Underground as a roadie/
dancer/rapper. While on tour,
he learns that his mother is
using crack.

JANUARY 3,1991: Tupac
makes his recording debut on
DU’s This Is an E.P. Release.

NOVEMBER 12,1991:
2Pacalypse Now is released.
Shortly thereafter, Tupac files
a $10 million lawsuit against
the Oakland police for alleged
brutality following an arrest
for jaywalking.

JANUARY 17, 1992:
Tupac makes his big-screen
debut in Ernest Dickerson’s
Juice, earning praise for his
portrayal of Bishop. He is perhaps
best remembered for
the line “I am crazy. And I
don’t give a fuck!”

APRIL 11, 1992: Ronald Ray
Howard, 19, shoots a Texas
trooper. Howard’s attorney
claims 2Pacalypse Now,
which was in his client’s tape
deck, incited him to kill.

AUGUST 22, 1992: Tupac has
an altercation with old
acquaintances in Marin City.
A 6-year-old bystander is
shot in the head. Tupac’s half
brother, Maurice Handing, is
arrested but released due to
lack of evidence.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1992:
Tupac is denounced by Vice
President Dan Quayle, who
says 2Pacalypse “has
no place in our society.”

FEBRUARY 1,1993:
Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. is
released and eventually
goes platinum.

MARCH 13, 1993: Tupac has
a fight with a limo driver in
Hollywood who accuses him
of using drugs in the car.
Tupac’s arrested, but the
charges are dropped.

APRIL 5, 1993: Tupac is
arrested in Lansing,
Michigan, for taking a swing
at a local rapper with a baseball
bat during a concert. He’s
sentenced to ten days in jail.

JULY 23, 1993: John
Singleton’s Poetic Justice,
starring Tupac and Janet
Jackson, is released. Before
filming began, Jackson
demanded Shakur take an
HIV test before she would
do any kissing scenes.

OCTOBER 31, 1993: Tupac is
arrested for allegedly shooting
two off-duty Atlanta
police officers who he says
were harassing a black
motorist. Charges are eventually

NOVEMBER 18,1993: A
19-year-old woman,whom
Tupac picked up four days
earlier in a New York nightclub,
is allegedly sodomized
and sexually abused by the
rapper and three friends.

DECEMBER 1993: John
Singleton is forced by
Columbia Pictures to drop
the rapper from the cast of
his upcoming film, Higher

MARCH 1O,l994: Tupac is
sentenced to fifteen days
in a Los Angeles jail for
punching out director Alien
Hughes. (Hughes and his
brother, Albert, had dropped
Tupac from Menace II

MARCH 23, 1994: Tupac
stars as Birdie, a troubled
drug dealer, in Above the
Rim. The soundtrack album,
featuring the song “Pour Out
a Little Liquor,” recorded by
Tupac’s group, Thug Life,
sells two million copies.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1994: Two
Milwaukee teens murder
a police officer and cite
Tupac’s “Souljah’s Story”
as their inspiration.

NOVEMBER 30, 1994: While
on trial for sex and weapons
charges, Tupac is shot five
times and robbed of $40,000
worth of jewelry in the lobby
of a Times Square recording
studio. Tupac checks himself
out of the hospital less
than three hours after
surgery. The case remains

DECEMBER 1,1994: Tupac
is acquitted of sodomy and
weapons charges but is
found guilty of sexual abuse.

FEBRUARY 14,1995: Tupac is
sentenced to up to four-and-
a-half years and immediately
begins serving his jail time in
New York’s Rikers Island

APRIL 1, 1995: While he’s
incarcerated, Tupac’s third
album, Me Against the World,
debuts at No. 1 on Billboard’s
pop chart. Fueled byte single
“Dear Mama,” the album
goes double platinum in
seven months.

APRIL 1995: In a VIBE
interview from jail, Tupac
renounces his “Thug Life”
persona and commits himself
to positive works. He also
implicates Biggie Smalls,
Puffy Combs, Andre Harrell,
his close friend Stretch, and
others in the recording studio

AUGUST l995: Biggie,Puffy,
and Harrell tell VIBE they had
no connection to Tupac’s

OCTOBER 1995: Death Row
Records CEO Suge Knight
posts $1.4 million bond to
release Tupac,who immediately
flies to L.A., signs with
Death Row, and begins
recording All Eyez on Me.

NOVEMBER 30, 1995: Exactly
one year after Tupac’s shooting,
Randy “Stretch” Walker
is murdered execution-style
in Queens.

Tupac suggests he’s been
sleeping with Biggie’s wife,
Faith Evans. Faith denies
the stories.

FEBRUARY 13,1996: Tupac’s
Death Row debut, All Eyez on
Me-rap’s first double CD-is

MARCH 29, 1996: Words are
exchanged and a gun is
pulled when Death Row and
Bad Boy employees face off
after the Soul Train awards in
Los Angeles.

APRIL 25,1996: All Eyez on
Me goes quintuple platinum.

MAY 1996: Tupac and Snoop
Doggy Dogg release “2 of
American Most Wanted.” In
the video, caricatures of
Biggie and Puffy are punished
for setting up Tupac.

JUNE 4, 1996: Death Row
releases Tupac’s “Hit’Em
Up,” a brutal diatribe against
Biggie, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep,
and others.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1996: Tupac
returns to New York for the
MTV Music Video Awards and
gets into a scuffle.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1996: After
leaving the Mike Tyson-Bruce
Seldom fight in Las Vegas in
Suge Knight’s car, Shakur is
shot four times in the chest
by an assailant in a white
Cadillac. Knight, who has
connections with the Bloods,
escapes with a minor injury.
Shakur is rushed to University
Medical Center, where he
undergoes surgery, including
the removal of his right lung.

SEPTEMBER 11,1996:
A Compton man who police
say is associated with the
L.A. Crips is shot to death
while sitting in his car, the
first in a series of gang-
related murders. Police begin
investigating possible connections
to Tupac’s shooting.

After six days in critical
condition, Tupac Shakur is
pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m.
His body is later cremated.
He was 25.

NOVEMBER 5, 1997: Makaveli
album, The Don Killuminati:
The 7 Day Theory, released.